Large Scale

From 10 guests to 10,000, Ashton can create a risk management plan no matter how many guests will be in attendance.

Celebrity Galas

Fundraising events, variety shows, and galas; Ashton has years of experience in not-for-profit event development.

Small Budget

With an expertise in Excel Ashton can help you plan and manage events on any budget, no matter if it's your first event or a long standing annual staple.


Classic & Devised Works

A proven track record in Shakespeare helps Ashton to better understand the needs of a devised work.

Musicals & Operas

Ashton has been a Producer, Production Manager, and Stage Manager for 80-seat black boxes as well as Off-Broadway Productions (and many variations in between).

Filming On Location

Experience in scheduling casts and crews for indie films and webseries being filmed on location as well as sound stages.


Brand Homes

Although a newer addition for Ashton, she has experience understanding brand values and marketing to help facilitate the design and fabrication of Brand Homes. 


Having loved museums since she could remember, transitioning continuously between events, theater, and themed entertainment is a natural management progression for Ashton.

Concept Development

From Concept through Production Ashton is a detail-oriented asset for any stage of production.

Greater Los Angeles


Tel: 775-762-8280

© Ashton Cheyenne Williams 


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